Autumn Wax Melts

Autumn Wax Melts

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Autumn Vibes:

Top notes: bergamot, eucalyptus, thyme

Middle notes: jasmin, muguet, cedarwood, iriswood, vetivert

Base notes: patchouli, cocoa, amber, oakmoss, tonka bean, musks


Pumpkin Spice:

Top notes: nutmeg, orange, lemon, fruity

Middle notes: ginger, clove

Base notes: caramel, tonka, vanilla


Cosy Nights:

Top notes of caramelised amber and honeyed sweet white musks.

Middle notes: softly spiced pink peppercorns and a gentle wisp of geranium stems

Base notes: warm patchouli and buttery Madagascan vanilla pods.



Top notes: A fresh, herbal accord of eucalyptus and spices,

Middle notes: clove, floral, magnolia and nutmeg

Woody base notes: cedarwood, musk and mosses


Witches Brew:

Top notes: gourmand, hazelnut, milk

Middle notes: chocolate, praline

Base notes: vanilla, caramel, cocoa

We created our Autumn Collection to reflect the cosyness that this season brings! We also added some scents for all the Halloween lovers out there! 

Each packet of wax melts last up to 60 hours. Each cube lasts up to 10 hours.
Our Wax Melts are made using soy wax. Soy wax is biodegradable and non toxic, meaning that it doesn't release toxins in to the air.
We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and make sure that every product is tried and tested. Each wax melt has been hand made and hand poured from start to finish and we use only the best quality fragrances.
We hope you love our products as much as we do!